This java applet displays any number of texts on a real time animated firework background. The color for each text can be specified to be multiple or solid.

Configurable Parameters

Parameter NameParameter Usage
textkkth text string, k=1,2,..., number of texts
fontkfont type for kth text: TimesRoman, Helvetica, Courier or Dialog
stylekfont style for kth text: plain, bold, italic, or bold italic
sizekfont size for kth text
URLkURL link for kth text
targetk(optional)target frame for kth URL
bgcolorbackground color
textcolork kth text color: multi or solid color in RGB HEX format*
maxnumber of Fireworks
rad1minimum radius for Fireworks
rad2maximum radius for Fireworks
timer1time before explosion
timer2time before fading out
h1an integer greater than 0 and less than h2
h2an integer greater than h1 and less than 100
delaydelay between each frame

*You can find a RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart at

Sample HTML Code

< APPLET CODE="fireworkTitle.class" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="100">
< PARAM name="text1" value="Fireworks!">
< PARAM name="font1" value="TimesRoman">
< PARAM name="style1" value="bold">
< PARAM name="size1" value="48">
< PARAM name="text2" value="Celebrations!">
< PARAM name="font2" value="Helvetica">
< PARAM name="style2" value="bold italic">
< PARAM name="size2" value="48">
< PARAM name="text3" value="Excitement!">
< PARAM name="font3" value="TimesRoman">
< PARAM name="style3" value="bold italic">
< PARAM name="size3" value="48">
< PARAM name="URL1" value="">
< PARAM name="URL2" value="">
< PARAM name="URL3" value="">
< PARAM name="bgcolor" value="000000">
< PARAM name="textcolor1" value="multi">
< PARAM name="textcolor2" value="multi">
< PARAM name="textcolor3" value="multi">
< PARAM name="max" value="32">
< PARAM name="rad1" value="20">
< PARAM name="rad2" value="40">
< PARAM name="timer1" value="26">
< PARAM name="timer2" value="52">
< PARAM name="h1" value="0">
< PARAM name="h2" value="64">
< PARAM name="delay" value="60">