In Mark 13:28, Jesus Christ propheting on your second coming said: " Learn the parable of the fig: when your branch becomes already tender, and it sprouts leaves, well you know that the summer near. Likewise you, when you come to happen all these things, know that it is already near, to the doors.".

The fig is Israel. The fig flowered in 1948, when Israel was planted again in the promised earth. But Israel doesn't still have the territory belonging to the tribes of Gad and Manasseh, that today belong to Jordan, for: "against the children of Ammon: Thus says The Lord: Hath Israel no sons? hath he no heir? Why then it inherited your prince (of Jordan) the Gad, and did your people inhabit in your cities? " Jeremiah 49:1, done already accomplish literally.

The branch of the fig (Israel), he became tender for the taking of eastern Jerusalem, in 1967, whose situation is tender and delicate until the day today. But sprouting of the leaves (Mc 13:28) it is type of Israel also obtain the part that belongs him biblical again and that today is of Jordan.

In II Peter 3:8 it is written that one day for the Lord it is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. Hosea 6:1-2 registers: "Come, and let us turn for the Lord, because he cut into pieces and in the heal, he made the wound, and it will tie. After two days will give us the life: to the third days will resuscitate us, and we will live before him ". Jesus also said: "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up;... But he spoke of the temple of his body" (John 2:19, 21). Two days already passed, therefore (two thousand years) from to 1st coming of Jesus. The dawn of the 3rd day approaches.

Of the point of view of God, among the first and to 2nd coming of your Son, it will have elapsed only two days, what is a too small time so that, in the world, it had happened substantial modifications in terms of power, governments, empires, etc. It is for that that soon there will be the Empire Roman living, for the reunification of Europe, from where the antichrist will appear to do the concert with Israel.

But, if that small time implicates basically in the reexistence of the Roman Empire in Jesus' time, it also implicates in a state israeli whose territory approaches of the same territory through where Jesus walked, in other words, Judea, Samaria, Galilea, Pereia and Decapolis, - To purpose, the Hills of Golan are just again the tribe of Manasseh in the territory of Israel - the one that in the display of the need of Israel to have today of turn the territories busy for Jordan, for the full execution of the Prophetic Word, being recuperated not only the conditions in Europe, but also in the Promised Land.

The last text that the Holy Spirit showed us about the war, your beginning starting from January 15, as it consisted in the newspaper, had your biblical correspondent in a prophecy of Jacob, when this blessed your children: " Join and I will announce you that there are you of happening in the last days: With relationship to Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last ". (Genesis 49: 1, 19). Gad had at least entered still in the Earth and would only make more than 400 years later it, but so much your establishment, your conquest for somebody else and your establishment (that is for the current " days the last days "), they were already prophesied.

Jeremiah also gives us the certainty that Israel will conquer the remaining of your territory, today in the hands of Jordan: "Therefore, the days come, says The Lord, that I will cause an alarm of war to be heard against Rabbah of the children of Ammon (Amman, in Jordan); ... then shall Israel possess them that did possess him, says The Lord". (Jr 49:2).

Although this war (1990) it could have been the war prophesied by Jeremiah, such why didn't happen, as it announced until the press, Israel preferred to trust the missiles of the United States, that in your God. As well as they do, still, many believers that trust more in your own efforts or in the opportunities that he can have if he acts in agreement with the pattern of the world - with the system of the world, that to trust the whole provision of God and to live completely dependent of Him, observing and accomplishing, living even, in agreement with the Sacred scriptures.

Likewise it is today Israel. Back to your earth, but not for your God. Back to your language, but not to praise of God. Back to your culture, but not to worship God. In the same way they are today many Christians.

They know God, but of hearing to speak, without your eyes they never contemplate himt (Job 42:5); they congregate among the saints (they are going to the church), but they don't leave your own roads, they follow a religion, but not to Jesus Christ.

However, as everything that happens with Israel has your corresponding event in the Church, Israel soon will admit that depends on God, that The Lord it is not just your parents' God, but your own God (although nor for that they convert to Jesus Christ), the Church, very brief, for a people that The Lord has prepared, will declare your dependence of Jesus, The Lord, to place under Holy Spirit complete direction and to be recuperated, with being able to and glory, in the moments that precede the Rapture.

But why Israel does need to conquest the part that appertain in Jordan, and which the relationship of that with the Church? Who is the Jordan biblical? And the one what have with that? Jordan is Amon, Moabe and part of Edom. Amon and Moabe are incestuous children of Lot, nephew of Abraham, the Father of the Hebrew people. Edom is Esau brother of Jacob, - Jacob is the patriarch of the twelve tribes that you formed Kingdom of Israel - Esau that sold your birthright to Jacob for a plate of lentils. He sold the spiritual for the satisfaction of material needs. The jordanians are not, ethnic Arabs of pure lineage biblical because the Arabs are children of Ismael, son of Abraham and brother of Isaac, father of Jacob. They are the so much jordanian kin with the Jews as with the Arabs, not being, therefore, historical and ironlike enemies of the Jews, as the part of the Arab nations of the area, always in conflict.

The capital of Jordan, Aman, is same Rabá of child of Amon, of the Scriptures and it is that divided soul of Jordan that made King Hussein to visit so much had lifted against Saddan, as own Saddan, and to shield in Israel, for not being invaded by Saddan and at the same time, to offer logistic support to Iraq. It is the character of Lot, always divided in to serve and not to serve God, and the Esau, that changes spiritual inheritances for material and passing things and that demonstrate the life of many Christians today.

The Jews should not attack the Jordan itself because, with relationship to the children of Amon is written: Don't upset " them, and with them non contentions ", (Dt 2:19). Also, in Abraham's promise said God: And I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse". Thereby, the Lord it blesses her all that they bless (they treat well) so much to Israel (the Jewish people), as true Israel of God, spiritual Israel, Jesus Christ's Church, your leaders, shepherds, presbiters, bishops, old, etc. And somebody is treats Israel well (Jews or Church) and later he treats badly, it will receive so much the well as the badly of the hand of God. And of the Jordan today, when Moab, came out Ruth, the moabit, great-grandmother of David, King of Israel, of the Messiah lineage, and same Jordan, then Moab, one day welcomed the family of David, when this fled of before Saul.

This was the blessing of God for Jordan during the conflict, the direct protection of Israel. That impeded the attack on the part of Saddan. But also Jordania, when got up the empire of Nebuchadnezzar it mocked of the Jews (Ez 25: 3, 7) and, same recently, before 1967 King Hussein profaned the most sacred place of the Jewish people, the Wall of the Lamentations, what it remained of the old Temple, building public bathrooms in the place, being used of removed Stones of the tomb of prophets. Therefore, and for your divided character, it should receive the judgement of God.

The Psalm 118 brings us the Israel wars from Second World War to the war of Gog and Magog, that it will happen in the end of the Millennium.

In v. 5, Israel invoked him The Lord in the agony, after a holocaust of six million dead Jews in the Second War, and God placed them in a wide place - in your own earth. In v. 10, it is the Independence War, in 1948: " All the people surrounded me, but in the name of The Lord I cut into pieces them"; in v. 11 read " they surrounded me ", it is the War of Suez, in 1956, and " they turned to surround me; but in the name of The Lord I cut into pieces them" . It was Six Day's War, in 1967. They " surrounded me as bees (there were 700.000 Arab soldiers, when the population all of Israel the didn't arrive more than 3.000.000), but they faded as fire of thorns; because in the name of the Lord I cut into pieces them". It was them Yom Kipur's War, in 1973.

Of the four wars up to now, three of them Israel used your own power, in name of The Lord, but it didn't invoke the name of The Lord, so that the power of The Lord it saved him and that just the name of The Lord it was glorified. In the 1956 war, the name of The Lord is not invoked, why Israel was helped by France and England, that had interests in the area of the channel of Suez.

V. 13a, take what happened to Israel in the conflict in the Iraq's War (1990): " With force you impelled for you make to fall me...". However, it will be necessary still one more war in the region, so that Israel, in compliment of Genesis 49:19 and Jeremiah 49:2 returns the settle down on the oriental side of Jordan River, as in Jesus' times, and they can the Jews finally, in a war that more they cannot depend on the United States, that it won't help them, saying: " The Lord it helped me" (Psl 118:13b).

Then our salvation (in the rapture sense), it will be approaching than when we accepted the faith.

This same war, necessary and indispensable in Israel, already begins to have your correspondent in the Church; The Lord is lifting a people that won't fear the hell, he won't commit with the world and won't will submit to the flesh, but it will challenge your infernal forces and it will triumph on all the man's enemies' attacks. An Army of fearless warriors, that will march with the sword in your mouth and they will destroy the satanic powers.

An Army full of power and authority of The Lord Jesus, a Church that will to win as precursory of the Fiancé that comes, that is about to come. It is a spiritual battle that already begins, in that we will dethrone the powers of the darkness that dominate whole regions, in the whole planet, for we declare Jesus Christ's Lordship in those places, and it is already noticed I begin it of the abundant rains of spilling of the Spirit.

As well as Israel it should not attack of itself the children of Jordan, because it is the own The Lord who will do to hear the war cry, we, for our own efforts won't be qualified to do part of that Army for the spiritual war, because little will get in that way, against the devil, the flesh and the world. But if we use Jesus' Name, we place Christ in the center of the life and we use the power sanctifier of The Holy Spirit, consecrating us to Jesus and maintaining our communion with Him and with your Body, we will be what are; plus than winners, for That that loved us.

But, and with relationship the
(The Arabs)

"On that day Israel will be the third with the Egyptians and the Assyrians, a blessing in the middle of the earth. Because The Lord of the Hostes it will bless them, saying: Blessed it is Egypt, my people, and the Assyrian, work of my hands, and Israel, my inheritance"
Isaiah 19:24-25

But, now,

"Blessed be he that does dilate Gad ..."
Dt 33:20

.... .