In the whole American History, we have an only case of Father and Son if they turn presidents. In the Holy Scriptures, we have an only text in a war, of a leader of the north, whose war against the south happens in the son's days again, also leader (although the biblical expression is "sons", the expression can be admitted as " that that continues what made the father ".

Let us see the texts:

The Father   The Son
" Then the king of the kingdom of the North (E.U.A) it will invade the king- dom of the King of the South (Iraq) and it will go back to your land". Daniel 11:9

  "But your sons will intervene and shall assemble a multitude of great forces; and it will come hastily and it will flood, and it will pass ahead; and, returning will take the war until your fortress ". Daniel 11:10..
    " Because the king of the north will turn, and it will put in field a larger army than the first, and after times, that is, from years, will come to the hurry with great army and abundant provisions " Daniel 11:13.
    " In the time appointed it will turn to come against the south; but it won't be in the last time as it was in first" Daniel 11:29

The texts are literal: The Father invaded Iraq, but it went back to your land. The Son returned, with a multitude and the brought war until the fortress of Saddan and he deposed the dictator. In the second time, the war was not as in the first time.



      Bush Iraq War Bush Son Iraq War Bush Son Iraq War Blair Bush War Irak Bush Blair Blair Bush War Irak Saddan  lost Bush Saddan lost Bush Son Bush win Saddan