There are many years we have been having the experience of, in our daily reading of the Scriptures, in the order that the facts went happening through the History, the texts always if they relate as ours day by day. This also happened with the reads text the following day to the occupation of Kuwait, in prophet's Habakkuk book, where we verified that the invasion had been prophesied by Habakkuk. The following days, to the we read the Scriptures and accompanying them announces of the newspaper, we saw that the principal facts of the conflict, announced by the press, they also linked with the Sacred Scriptures.

In I John 4:1 is written that we should not have faith to every spirit, but to prove the spirits is of God, and in II Corinthians 13:1 he says that for the mouth of two or three witness every word is confirmed (II Corinthians 13.1), being this the form of we know if a Word comes for the Holy Spirit.

We had the confirmation, in our intimate, as the wisdom and revelations (Ephesians 1:17) that were given us by the Holy Spirit, why also saw the exact and literal execution of the prophesied in Habakkuk 2.2: " Writes the vision, and it turns her very readable on boards, so that can read her what running raisin ".

This vision is the invasion of Kuwait. In August of 1990, when walked, in a certain way speeded up (what running raisin "), in front of a newsstands, all with matter about the war in the first page, they were nailed on a board, in a newsstand that I had never seen in Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The board was not in the wall of the newsstand, but in diagonal, leaned to a post, so that read " what running raisin ".

With base in those beginnings is that wrote this matter, if not treating, therefore, of prophecies or predictions and yes an analysis of aspects already prophesied, there are a lot for the Scriptures, and that now begin your execution.

Also uncoiling of the war, since the beginning and to before the invasion of Kwait, as it was published by the Press (especially for the Leaf of Londrina, 16.01.91), it was, in the same way - for the daily biblical readings - being shown me by the Holy Spirit.

The third confirmation came indeed for Shepherd Kjell Sjoberg's mouth, of Sweden, an international intercessor that on June 10, 1990 it was praying in Baghdad, in Iraq. When hearing this the Holy Spirit took me to check the reading of that day: Ecclesiastes 3.8: " Time of War and time of Peace ".

This war was raised by the own God, for being necessary for the execution of prophecies they precede the rapture of the Church. God is love, yes, but it is also consuming fire. It is merciful, but he is also war man, and it executes judgements and he makes justice (Matthew 10:34).