Although for the world and for us it has been a surprise the invasion of Kwait for Iraq, such invasion was already prophesied by prophet Habakkuk, six hundred years before Jesus Christ's birth. The invasion was raised by the own God, in order to prepare the execution of the other prophecies for the turn, soon, of the Messiah - Jesus Christ in your second coming.

In Habakkuk 1.6 we have: " Suddenly I raise the Chaldeans (it is read Iraq), nation embitters and hurried, that it marches on the breadth of the earth, to possess dwelling-places that are not theirs. ".

In the whole area where is today Iraq, there was, progressively, the Assyrian Empire to the occident, the Babylonian Empire to the center and the Fear-Persian Empire to the east.In the whole area where is today Iraq, there was, progressively, the Assyrian Empire to the occident, the Babylonian Empire to the center and the Fear-Persian Empire to the east. All those empires, that happened he are of chaldeans, although the first two go of chaldeans in the power and the third of chaldeans under domain.

Iraq today, whose capital, Baghdad, is neighborhood the old city of Babylon (in reconstruction for Saddam Hussein), is type and it corresponds to the second empire, the Babylonian. Own Saddam Hussein has a coin with your effigy in one of the faces and the effigy of Nebuchadnezzar in the other and, besides, it is reconstructing the Suspended Gardens of Babylon, considered by the Greeks as one of the seven wonderfull of the Antique, intending re-inaugurate soon the city.
The Babylonian Empire didn't possess the territory today belonging to Kuwait. Therefore, modern Babylon, the Iraq started " to possess" " places that are not theirs", also of the biblical point of view.

For the Press we accompanied the journalists' report that they were before in Kuwait few days and in the day of the invasion. They inform us these journalists that there was not an only kuwaitian to have faith in the possibility of an invasion on the part of Iraq, as it is written in the same text: " because I accomplish in your days a work, which ye will not believe, though it be told you" (v.5).

The speed of the invasion was bulk, that not even her own kuwaitians were knowing, to not to be when already rendered, therefore, "their horses also are swifter than the leopards " (v.8), " all of them will come with violence ", that happened besides with deaths and " your faces will look for the east ", being Kuwait in the part more oriental from Iraq, " and they will congregate the captivity as sand " (v.9). the foreign hostages' own episode was already prophesied.

The execution is proceeded: They will " mock of the kings and of the princes they will make mockery " (v.10), Saddam Hussein mocked of the kings, let us say like this, of the great countries of the world and of the prince of Kuwait he made mockery, taking her the parents and killing his the brother.

The following day the Press announced that Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait on behalf of God (some newspapers) or on behalf of Alá (in other) because prophet Habakkuk said like this: " and criminal will be made, attributing that power to your god " (v.11). you/he/she is of getting curled that Alá, in Islamismo, nor in essence she resembles each other to our God (of the Christians and of the Jews) and father of Ours Mr. Jesus Cristo and you/he/she cannot be considered like Jeová or Iavé (IHWH), the Mister Almighty God because any inexists likeness.

Consolidated the occupation of Kuwait fast, Saddam Hussein left clear that would not stop there, demonstrating your attitudes expansionists, because, " piling lands, they will take " them (v.10), announcing the invasion of Saudi Arabia.

Due to the fast intervention world, such it was not rendered, and nor it was able to. It is written (v.6) that Iraq marches " on the width of the earth ". In one of the projections of the map of the area, we see that of Kuwait to Jerusalem, going by Jordan, it is had the width of the earth exactly, of sea to sea, of the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. For the execution of the Scriptures, the dictator soon forgot about Saudi Arabia and he declared that it will take Jordan, what brought, immediately, declarations of Israel that any armed attack to Jordan would bring the intervention military israeli in the conflict.

We are in the historical moment in that already came true prophesied him by Jeremiah (49 vv. 30 and 31), in that the " king of Babylon " (the dictator of Iraq is read) he attempted a design against Kuwait, because, it " arose against a nation in rest, that inhabited confidently, that he neither had doors nor bolts, and they inhabited alone " (paraphrase) - a nation that only inhabited, in the desert, just tends limits with own Iraq and with Saudi Arabia, in the end of the earth and that at least worried about your safety.

Also, on that moment of the current History, we saw United States and Union Soviet committees, speaking only one language, united around a same purpose, that went to obstruct Saddam Hussein. Something unimaginable just the some years ago, because the recent History showed us that both potencies always hung and they supported opposite sides in the conflicts happened in the Planet. Something, however, that was already prophesied by the same prophet Jeremias (cap 50 v 9), to 2600 years ago; " Suddenly I will raise and I will make to arise against Babylon (Iraq) a congregation of great nations of the earth of the north and they will get ready against her ". In the same verse and in the following ones, the prophet gave the prediction of the end of the war, that came true: " of there it will be taken, none of the weapons used against her it will be without effect, Iraq will serve as prey. You already submitted, the ones that fell they sustained her, your fortresses are dropped. To be her there is I paid accordingly whatever she did to the other " (paraphrase).